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User Guide
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Title Description
Home  Home page of the Penang Help website.
News  Allow visitor to read the latest news.
Phone Book  Allow visitor search the person's contact.
Transport  Allow visitor to view the details and schedule of transportation
 such as bus, taxi, ferry, train, Penang hill cable car and others.
Business Directory  Allow visitor to view the detail of different company.
Buy / Sell  Allow visitor to buy / sell thier product online.
Jobs  Allow visitor to view a different kind of jobs that available at Penang.
Forum  Allow visitor and member discuss the topic through forum.
Knowledge  Allow visitor to improve their general knowledge.
Message  Allow visitor to place their message.
My Corner  Allow member edit their profile.
Travel  Allow visitor to view the information of popular resort and hotel.
Food  Allow visitor to view different kind of food at Penang.
Shopping  Allow visitor to view the information that related with shopping.
Friend  Allow visitor meet new friends.
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