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Penanghelp - Shopping

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3.0/5 (26 次打分)
Shopping/Shopping Center
地址: No.2323, Jalan Rozhan,Pusat Perniagaan Seri Impian, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.    ...
周六, 03 03月 2012 | 5796 次点击 | 阅读全文
2.7/5 (26 次打分)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Tesco Extra Seberang Jaya or simply the Seberang Jaya Tesco, is a hypermarket in Taman Sembilang, Seberang Jaya. Like the other Tesco Extras in Malaysia, it was originally one of the eight Makro Cash & Carry hypermarkets. The Seberang Jaya...
周四, 27 08月 2009 | 6610 次点击 | 阅读全文
2.7/5 (29 次打分)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Tesco Extra Sungai Dua is a hypermarket in Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua. It originally housed Makro Cash & Carry. It was acquired by Tesco in December 2006, following which, all Makro outlets in Malaysia were changed to Tesco Extra. This came...
周四, 27 08月 2009 | 6284 次点击 | 阅读全文
2.8/5 (28 次打分)
Shopping/Shopping Center
  Tesco Penang is one of the two Tesco hypermarkets on Penang Island. It opened on November 2004, and is located on a piece of freehold land along the Jelutong Expressway, near the Tunku Kudin Interchange. The building has...
周四, 27 08月 2009 | 7236 次点击 | 阅读全文
3.1/5 (22 次打分)
Shopping/Shopping Center
  大山脚高峰广场 地址: Unit No 2-56, Plaza Bukit Mertajam, Jalan Arumugam Pillai, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang 电话: 04-5382828     ...
周六, 03 03月 2012 | 4738 次点击 | 阅读全文

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