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Powerd By : NorthPony
Jawa Mee

Jawa Mee, or Mee Jawa, is a Penang Nyonya noodle soup. Despite its name, Jawa Mee has its origin from Jawa Indonesia. It is one of the famous noodles in Malaysia. The sweet and a bit sour make the soup more appetizers.

Ingredients :
500g mee / fresh yellow noodles (scalded and drained)

Fried and diced:
2       pieces fish cakes
2       pieces bean curd
1       packet fishballs
150g beansprouts (blanched)
50g  fried shallots
1       sweet potato (boiled and mashed)
20g   groundnuts (dry-fried, skinned and ground)
2       hard boilded eggs (halved)
1       teaspoon tamarind juice
2       litre water
2       tbspn oil for stir-frying
A bit of salt, sugar to taste

15g   Chinese celery
1       red chilli
1       green chilli
2       limes (halved)

Ground ingredients:

8       dried chillies
4       shallots
4       cloves garlic
2cm  piece young ginger
2cm  piece dried shrimp paste

Method :

1. Heat the oil in a large pan. Stir-fry the ground ingredients till the aroma rises. Put in the salt, sugar, water, sweet potatoes, groundnuts and tamarind juice. Bring to the boil, stirring once in a while.
2. Place mee in individual bowls. Then sprinkle helpings of fish cakes, fish balls, beancurd, beansprouts and eggs.
3. Pour the hot gravy and scatter the sliced ingredients and fried shallots on the mee. Squeeze some lime juice, then serve immediately.


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