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Powerd By : NorthPony
Sake Room Fusion Cuisine @ Seberang Jaya

Japanese Food : Fusion cuisine combination from japanese, chinese, western and vietnamese
Location          : No 17, Jalan Todak 3,Pusat Seberang Jaya,Seberang Jaya,Penang.
Telephone       : 04-399 2717
Contact Person: Melissa Liew
Mobile: 012-520-1212

Salmon Donburi                                                           Sushi Bento

Sake Room is a fusion restaurant in Seberang Jaya recommended by Mabel Lai for good sushi. As always I would try out my readers’ recommendations whenever possible and blog about it. If you didn’t know, fusion cuisine is a combination of different forms of cookery or traditions. It can be of a combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisine or Western and Vietnamese cuisine.

The possible combinations are totally up to the chef’s creativity and culinary skill. Each set lunch comes with a main course, green tea and miso soup. Salmon Donburi @ RM15 has a generous slice of fried salmon with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds served on rice. Salmon lovers should not miss this because this dish is really good. Sweeter tasting sushi rice is used instead of white rice, which also contributed to the tastiness.

Sushi Bento @ RM16.90 has a variety of sushi served with stir fried vegetables, fresh salad and Gari (Japanese pickled gingers). Sake Room is a nice alternative for the usual Sakae Sushi or Sushi King. Moreover the price is quite reasonable for a Japanese set meal. And it is located just next to Sunway Carnival Mall, can try it after shopping, recommended.

Business Hours: Tues- Sat: 11am - Late, Sunday: 3pm - 12am
*Restaurant changes to a bar atmosphere at 10pm (Tues-Sun)*

Other Menu:

Den Miso Salmon Udon                                                  Monkey Roll

Sashimi Platter                                                     Pineapple Sake


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