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Powerd By : NorthPony
Jalan Pasar @ Duck Egg Fried Koay Teow

Chinese Noodle  : Duck Egg Fried Koay Teow
GPS Coordinate: : N05' 21.735,  E100' 27.695
Location            : Jalan Pasar, Bukit Mertajam

     There are a numbers famous duck egg fried koay teow in BM area. One of it is at Jalan Pasar, there is a pushcart managed by a man frying the famous duck egg fried koay teow next to the BM taxi stand. Some called taxi stand duck egg char koay teow.

     The ID of the koay toew uses charcoal to fried koay teow, as the heat is intense and gives you the nice wok taste on your noodles. Duck egg is used instead of chicken is another unique thing about their char koay teow here. Lots of lards make it yummier and prawns are not over cooked. While the frying process, you may notice they use Coka-Cola bottles to contain soya sauce.

     Normally, a long queue of people waiting for their order and the rows of tables on the street gets filled up quite quickly especially late at night. This is due to the nice plate of koay teow that doesn’t stick too each other and not too oily, really delicious

    Its costs RM2.50/plate, business opened at night 9pm to 1am.


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