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Powerd By : NorthPony
Bat Cave Temple


     The Bat Cave Temple is a unique temple located at the foot of Penang Hill, a short distance from the Jade Emperor's Pavilion and below the old Penang Hill quarry. Refer to the Tanjong Tokong Tua Pek Kong Temple, the origin of Tua Pek Kong is the mother temple of all Tua Pek Kong temples in the country.

     This temple is almost unknown compare to other Tua Pek Kong Temples scattered over the island due to it is too far. But this temple is unique as you get to see bats living in the bright temple which being takecare by an old lady. 

     For the past twenty years, it is the best kept secret temple for punters and locals. Lots of bats stayed and that encouraged the punters even more.

     Maybe it is good to explain why bats are symbolic to us. 'Fu' means good fortune in Chinese and the ideogram for 'Fu' is a common symbol worn or displayed for good luck. A similar sound of Fu means bat, therefore considered lucky. Representations of bats are common and they are said to bring good fortune.

     Most bats have left as her son who could not tend to the only Penang Bat Cave, tried to burn the place down. Immediately some locals came to the rescue and look after Bat Cave Temple.

     A different version of the legend tells of a feng shui master who reared a couple of white cranes. He chose to live in the cave with his two cranes. The feng shui master was the one who started the worship of Tua Pek Kong in the cave. Eventually, he passed away and subsequently so did his cranes. After he had died, bats began to take over the cave.

     The bats are the most attraction of this temple. At first, you might not notice them for the darkness, but as your eyes get used to the dark, you will start to see them hanging from the ceiling of the cave like dry leaves. Some times, the temple is kind enough to turn some lights on, but not too much as to scare the bats. Due to the wall of the cave is black, so a dot line painted on the wall to help prevent people from knocking their heads. And it is almost impossible to take photos of the bats, as it is very dark in there.


Lucky and Prosperous Punters
     Some locals who had their luck changed collectively renovated the Bat Cave Temple. The locals encourage visitors to touch the tortoise after prayers. The lucky ones will see four digits numbers.


Tai Say Yea or The Savior Of Suffering
     This temple seemed to be quite popular with devotees needing more reassurance. Heard that most Taoist temple are but the evidence here shows that most souls are kept protected by the Tai Say Yea in Penang Bat Cave. Most devotees of the Bat Cave seek his protection as it seemed he is very "sia" (powerful).

     Legend told that when people die, it is his job to decide where their spirits and ghosts should stay. Tai Say Yea is mostly shown riding on a nine headed lion, holding a vase filled with holy water which is used to deflect any bitterness or wrong doing of people in his left hand. And a sword in his right hand is for killing monsters and demons and also for giving justice to human souls. All who are suffering horrible life problems and situations can change their status by calling Tai Say Yea’s name over and over again.


Tua Pek Kong
     Literally translated Tua Pek Kong means Senior Grand Uncle. The Tua Pek Kong is usually a community protector deity. He presides over their land and gives guidance or blessing to the temple devotees. Usually his fame spreads when his devotees were granted wishes. Celebration will then be the main event for the temple.

    Reaching there, you may take Rapid Penang Bus U204 which goes to the Penang Hill Railway station. Check the Rapid Penang Bus Routes for details. From the bus stop, walk a short distance down the road till you reach a lane to your left with a big arch. The arch is for the Jade Emperor's Pavilion. Take that lane. A short distance up that lane, there is a right branch. It has a sign pointing the way to the Bat Cave Temple. Follow that branch and it takes you to the temple, which is about 50 meters from the sign.






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