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Shopping Center
3.2/5 (32 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Suiwah Air Itam was the first outlet started by the late Mr. Hwang Siong Wah in the year 1961 with its initial name known as Swee Wah Mini Market. This outlet serve as a sundries shop to the entire community around till today, Suiwah Air Itam...
Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009 | 7757 hits | Baca Lagi
2.7/5 (33 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket was established on 11 November 1999 of which is another jewel in Suiwah Group’s crown. Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket holds the credit to be the biggest wholly Malaysian owned hypermarket in Penang as at date. It...
Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009 | 6900 hits | Baca Lagi
2.9/5 (29 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall is a new two-storey shopping mall in Bandar Baru Ayer Itam, also known as Farlim. It was opened at 4.18 pm on 10 January 2009 (a time regarded as auspicious), and replaces Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket, which opened...
Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009 | 7288 hits | Baca Lagi
3.2/5 (28 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Sunshine Jelutong is another retail outlet opened by Suiwah Group’s. It was officially opened on 23rd March 2002. It’s located within Vantage Point complex at Jalan Lenggong. The outlet caters mainly to needs of medium range income population...
Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009 | 7822 hits | Baca Lagi
2.8/5 (30 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
Sunshine Square located in the heart of Bayan Baru Township was open in the year 1993. It underwent upgrading exercise every 2 years and recently Brand New Sunshine Square was unveiled on July 2005. The shopping complex is currently 100% occupied....
Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009 | 6798 hits | Baca Lagi
3.5/5 (29 votes)
Shopping/Shopping Center
    Sunway Karnival bergaya 4-tingkat pusat membeli-belah yang terletak di lokasi strategik di dalam pusat bandar Seberang Jaya. Pusat membeli-belah menjadi tuan rumah peruncit antarabangsa dan serantau, makan enak dan pusat hiburan untuk...
Sabtu, 03 Mac 2012 | 5972 hits | Baca Lagi

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